Fitness Dash Game Review

Dinertown, the conjured up universe of the Scramble games, might be abounding with flavorful food and hungry residents, however they have their feeling of rivalry as well. What’s more, in the Wellness Run game, you get to take advantage of this serious soul of the Dinertown residents by beginning a wellness focal point of your own and whipping these tubby geeks back to shape.

The thought for Wellness Run began after the contenders of Dinertown for the local back-and-forth competition lost their crown from the difficult Donutville. Understanding that all they did the entire year was to eat the lavish cooking of Flo from Coffee shop Run, the residents are on a mission to get into excellent condition. Beneficial thing that Jo is around to observe the battle, and consequently, plans to help in any capacity she can and getting going by starting her own Scramble wellness focus.

Very much like all Run games, this game additionally falls into the time usage kind, where you should serve clients and benefit from making them work out.


The game utilizes a simplified mouseĀ capability as you assign your supporters to the machines that will fulfill their requirements. Utilize the symbols popping alongside your clients’ bodies to know what to serve them next. Do this for each of the levels until you train the Dinertown occupants enough for them to promptly confront the Donutville champions.

Obviously, there are likewise extra undertakings you need to achieve when your clients request them.


These undertakings incorporate cleaning the gear, giving them towels and water jugs, and, surprisingly, changing the channel of the middle’s television as per their taste. To finish everything off, different debacles strike as well, as defective pipes on the showers and tricky merchants attempting to sell your clients some fat-creating frozen yogurt. With everything taken into account making Wellness Run a seriously rushed game, yet exceptionally offset too with a consistent trouble bend throughout the test.