Recently, I wrote a critical critique of Dr. Ken Cooper’s “12 Steps for Good Health.” A reader suggested that I write my own 12 Steps to Good Health.

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I did. Enjoy.

1.The report on health

Join the AWR and go through 12 editions. This shouldn’t be too difficult. Subscriptions are free and all 763 previous editions are easily accessible electronically. It is not necessary to choose from 12 different editions – any combination of them will put you on the right track to a true wellness-focused mental state. You won’t believe it if you look at veteran readers. Take note of the way they behave and their ease, peace, their sparkling vassals and comportment valves. Be aware of their confidence and self-confidence. You should not overlook their enthusiasm for sports as well as their exuberance and love of reason.

2.Reassess Your Mindset

This is crucial when the mindset you are referring to isn’t the first to be developed.

No matter how effortless it is to be comfortable in a relationship. Your thoughts could be sucking in the wider idea of the word. Perhaps your ideas and principles may not be as unreasonable after all. Either way, you still could be more successful on the whole by taking a closer review of what you were told about life’s persistent questions, to borrow a phrase from Guy Noir, Private Eye, the fellow who once inhabited the 12th floor of the Acme building many a dark night in the city that was able to keep its secrets.

(In case you’re not sure about the reference, it’s actually an iconic line from the regular skits featured on Garrison’s beloved “Prairie Home Companion” radio show.)

3.Minimal Exercise

Begin today, or if you’re tired and need to go to bed get outside and perform at least 20 minutes of exercise. Do not use more than five paces. This can increase the heart rate of 30 seconds to a minute. Keep doing this every day throughout your life. It doesn’t matter if you run, walk, bike or row, swim or swim – whatever, just make sure you do every day. It is best to play around to make it enjoyable wear appropriate clothing to the event and seek out other people who will join in to socialize while working out is appealing – whatever it takes to stick to an exercise routine that you do every day.

4.The Best Diet

Explore and, if you are able to pull it off, go vegan, or as much of one as you can handle. It’s possible for just about 6% of Americans to make the switch with me included. I am a vegetarian, who is prone to the lures of egg whites, gruyere cheese, as well as cream in my coffee. Ecotopia isn’t my goal. A vegan diet is great for your health (e.g. weight control), there are unlimited tasty options, and most importantly, it’s vital to protect the living environment. The level of cruelty towards animals alone is reason enough to give veganism an earnest attempt; so does slowing global warning via the reduction of emissions-intensive animal agriculture. You will be delighted by the many flavor choices.

5.Heroism, Your Style

Perform a heroic act. The term “heroic” is not specified by the government. The term is used to describe an exceptional and thrilling moment. This is a series of events that after months of planning, you achieve that which was special, meaningful and demanding. You celebrate the fine-tuned condition you’ve achieved with the help and luck by special assistors and abettors, as well as the effort and time expended. There are many options. A heroic act can be defined by certain criteria. These are but suggestions – you obviously have the ability to establish your own criteria. It should be physical and take at least three months to prepare. It should also be challenging, but it can be done. It should not be the end-all-be-all. After you’ve completed one heroic act meeting these criteria (or your own) then follow it up with another – once a year, every two years, or whenever you feel is right.

Do not be lured or enticed by extreme endeavors like climbing Mt. Everest or participating in the NFL or NBA. For the majority of us these goals aren’t realistic. Choose something possible, but difficult and challenging, but within your reach.

You have to be able to execute heroic acts. (Hint Practice to practice, practice, and do it again. Good luck.

6.Conscious Meaning Re Life

Ponder and decide on the MOL, that is the reason you are here, or, alternatively you can consider the significance and purpose of your life, in the moment up until any new information or insight are available. It is worth bringing to the forefront your convictions regarding the reason you’re here.

In “Unweaving the Rainbow: Science, Delusion and the Appetite for Wonder,” Richard Dawkins writes that the fact that we are going to die makes us the lucky ones. This is an excerpt from his argument:

“Most people will not die, because they won’t ever be born.” Potentially, people who could be in my position however, who won’t ever see the light of day, will outnumber the sand grains in Arabia.”

Don’t panic, folks. Let’s say that you are not sensible to believe that the sky god brought you here to accomplish an objective. What do you do? Let reason guide you – adopt a set of objectives for your life that will keep you going in good spirits. Perhaps you will decide, as did Ingersoll that there’s meaning and joy in contributing to the happiness of others. You could be able to share and nurture your talents and “reap the greatest satisfaction” from being loved by the people whose lives you have touched.

Human development can be accomplished by pursuing challenging, fulfilling, and satisfying forms of meaning and purpose which are built on your unique personal characteristics, talents and the situations. It’s entirely up to you.

7.Healthy Models

Be sure to surround yourself as you can with people who appear to have embraced wellness attitudes, which is people who take self-care and are kind, positive and optimistic. People who are positive and optimistic, who embrace common decencies, and take care of their family and friends are also highly regarded. You should also be able to make acquaintances with those who live in harmony with motivation, energy, athleticism, liberty, and others.

It will be easier to sustain and maintain good intentions within a company like this.

8.Daily Learning

Learn and discover more than ever before. Find new and exciting activities that broaden your perspectives. This is crucial regardless of stage of life, but it’s more essential in the latter times. This is a time that too often invites slowering as vital organs and body parts become trouble spots to put it simply. A renewed spirit should be summoned to find creative ways to increase and sustain the vitality that a wellness mindset offers. Think of the possibilities out in the world as if it could be (for it really is in a way) an enormous museum. Take a look at the many collection available and then be a dilettante experiencing the kaleidoscope of art, history, sciences, as well as nature. There are a myriad of options.

You shouldn’t be carrying it around, because you’ll never leave once you die. Be bold and don’t shy from looking reality in the face. Be aware that when you get old, your mind will be gone ahead of the rest of us and you’ll end up being a burden on everybody, though few will let continue. When you keep the thought that you’ll die out of your thoughts in the greatest extent feasible, it is too easy to take life for granted, to get caught up in trivial concerns and waste precious moments.


You should be laughing more often, unless you are already filled with more laughter than a roller derby. Ingersoll suggested that “no person should be unable to pick up every jewel of joy that can be discovered in his path.” Instead of looking for problems or love in the wrong places, look for ways to have fun more frequently during the day. It’s good for your demeanor. You can enjoy more of it, particularly good old-fashioned belly smiles that bring tears to your eyes. Humor can boost your health status and nearly everything else (social relationships, work satisfaction and bodily functions) will be improved too.

There are plenty of opportunities for comedy – it’s everywhere. Humor is more recognized than porn and is much more popular than humor. The power of laughter in business relationships and personal relationships is acknowledged in the best-selling books and TED talks. There are also conferences on humor that (CEU credit available!) Medical journals that are learned also deal with comedy science.

Humor can take different forms, such as humor, satire, absurdity or incredulity, shock, awkwardness, puns, amusement and arousal, to note a few. It’s possible to have more laughter in your everyday life. Be sure to look for it – you’ll want it to find you or opportunities will be missed.

Be aware if you’re trying to promote humor. For starters, know your target audience. Humor is risky and subjective. While almost everyone loves to laugh but the definition of what is funny can be extremely subjective. A heart-rending joke or a situation explained with humor and surprises can amuse one person up but make another want to crack a bottle over their head. You wouldn’t want to be laughing at Kim Jong Un, for instance. What’s amusing to one person might be offensive to someone else. Forget jokes about blonds, ethnic groups or even lawyers. (Why don’t sharks bite lawyers? Professional courteous.)

It’s easy to see the bright side and have more fun than you might otherwise if you’re not looking for them. There is little risk of side effects or an overdose.

10.Effective Thinking

Develop your decision-making skills whenever you get the chance. The media is full of fake news, which is not intended to be a reference Trump’s media coverage. But con artists, Russian hackers and get-rich-hucksters, slick prosperity Gospel preachers, lonely souls looking for long walks along the beach with a group of soulmates and other con artists are out looking for your money. So, consider that whatever they’re offering you, it’s probably not going to work, you don’t need it anyway, and the claims are probably false and you shouldn’t trust anything. Skepticism, doubt and wariness will stand you in good order until you’ve done your thorough research.

Find out as much information as you can on the mysterious three-pound wonder that is you. Our brains naturally are drawn to simplistic explanations of complex issues, therefore, we are easily lured by pseudosciences and conspiracy theories as well as absurd superstitions and dogmas, quackery and other forms of deceit. Another reason to believe that we are flawed is religions. They promote obedience, not the ability to think critically. Religions oppose doubt and doubt, both of which are crucial tools for making better decisions.

Ingersoll was an advocate of the power of decision-making within religions. He recognized that reason is only a dim flame, a flickering torch carried by the stumbling of the night, carried by the storms of passion, and yet, it is the sole light. If you put out that flame, nothing remains.”

In today’s world (with our incredibly evolved, but not completely well-adjusted 2 million year old brains) reasoning is an insignificant flame, but it is still the only source of light. Guy Harrison, author half dozen books on reason including “Good Thinking” The Essentials You Need To Know to Be better, safer and more prosperous and recommends that these skills be elevated to an ethical level – as an epidemic in poor reasoning is the greatest unrecognized problem facing humanity.

11.Service to Others

Expect nothing back. Seek no credit. To advance a great principle (e.g. Helping people in need, help animals or to save the earth, there are endless possibilities for selfless service.

While personal rewards are not the main reason or goal, service to others invariably provides a wealth of healthy and satisfying rewards. Doing good, over time, increases your sense of worth as well as your sense of purpose even if no one notices.

The International Good Deeds Day organizers (April 15th this year) have conducted research studies which show that these efforts help reduce stress and improve life expectancy. They also boost happiness and can make people feel better. This is because of the release of endorphins which are brain’s happy mood-enhancing chemicals.

A study in 2012 that was published in the journal Psychological Science found that thinking about times you’ve helped others make you want to give back. Service to others is self-reinforcing. Research suggests that reflecting back on your actions makes you feel selfless and motivated to do more. What a deal gain in your health to you, and assistance for others – a good deal for all concerned.

12.Beyond the Pale Blue Dot

Always keep in mind the most powerful, effective method of managing stress – thoughts about the cosmos. It is difficult to reduce the negative feelings of jealousies, anxieties, grudges, or anger after a couple of seconds of thinking about the space and time. What’s with the life’s spilled milk? remember this quote from Monty Python’s classic “The The Meaning of Life” It will be apparent:

Mrs. Brown: “Whenever you find yourself feeling depressed or down in life, you know that you’ve been through enough.”

(Thanks, Eric Idle, for the “Galaxy Song” It’s a great stress release song.)

This reliable stress reliever involves switching your thoughts, even briefly, to the fact that there are hundreds of billions of stars within our Milky Way galaxy – which is but one out of hundreds of billions galaxies that contain hundreds of billions of stars. Don’t let your hippocampus be up in the air trying to work out the number of planets there that revolve around a specific star. Perhaps there are planets somewhere in the deep mist brimming with inhabitants, most of whom are also led to believe that they are the central point of the universe and the main purpose of a grand design.

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