Creating a blog is an easy method to earn money online. However, like any other business, you must to keep your eye on your blog’s profitability. If you’re new to blogging the following tips will help you to make money with your blog.

1. Set blog goals

It is best to set the goals for your blog prior to when you start your blog. If you set your goals first you’ll be able to estimate the potential traffic that you can bring to your blog and the earnings you’re likely to earn.

Before you begin creating your blog, take note of:

The blog’s subject (for example: digital photography, or eating tips, or whatever topic you’d like to create an online blog about);

Make use of keyword research tools to discover how many people are looking for your blog’s subject daily on the web: Visit:-

If there’s less than 100 results, search for another topic. Do not be afraid of subjects that have a lot of competition online – lots of competition means that there’s a lot of attention, and lots of traffic. If your subject has 5000 search a day, or million of Web pages, you should go ahead and create your blog.

• Decide on how you’ll make money with your blog. Will you sell advertising space? Sell products? Create a list of income sources for your blog.

You can estimate the revenue your blog will make in your first, second third, and fifth years. Yes, this is mainly an estimate, but it should drive you to keep on blogging when you see the blog’s potential.

If you’re completely new to blogging, and you have no idea what to do to set your blog’s goals, then consult a blogger mentor or ask questions at forums. Your blog has the potential to make a great income for you, provided you treat your blogging as an actual business.

After you’ve established some goals for your blog, so set your blog up and get started writing.

2. Diversify your blog revenue

When you first begin blogging, concentrate on creating posts for your blog, and test different ways of income. There’s always a new income generator being released, so you should try out as many forms of income as you can.

3. Concentrate on content – make it valuable

The bigger your blog, the greater traffic you’ll attract from search engines and the more visitors you’ll draw. Therefore, you should focus on creating good posts for your site. All the time you spend creating content will be rewarded.

4. Make sure to include keywords in your content

When your blog is a few months old, search engines will start sending you traffic. Keep that traffic coming by writing posts which include keywords, but be careful not to be too extravagant. If you keep writing you’ll get lots of “long tail” searchers.

5. Make your blog public

When your blog has earned some money, allocate some of the earnings to help promote your blog. There are numerous ways which you can promote your blog. You can also try out different methods of advertising are most effective for you.

Be aware of other bloggers’ advertisements If you find that bloggers are advertising in a certain location month in and month out, you’ll know it’s profitable for them and might be profitable for youtoo.


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