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Fortunately for the United States, Central Florida is home to the largest known phosphate reserves on the planet. Phosphate and its derivatives are crucial to ongoing life on Earth, according to potassium and related nutrients . It is safe to state, phosphate reserves located in the USA are crucial to the economy and national security issues also.The U.S. economy and safety depend on phosphate reserves in the U.S. and across the world. America is known to have more than percent of the world’s phosphate reserves. Florida reserves are more than ninety percent of phosphate reserves found in the U.S. Fundamentally; Central Florida is ground zero for phosphate mega-mining. Phosphate is required for one’s health, but phosphate mining and fertilizer production are linked to acute illnesses and even death. Until recently, industry practices were overlooked or considered as harmless to Florida’s environmental health issues. Interestingly, the business today is alleged to be responsible for the best threat to Florida’s environment, according to opinions from the Department of Environmental Protection.Phosphate businesses have stripped mined central Florida for over 60 years that benefits local economies located near one of the many phosphate mining crops. The business in central Florida employs hundreds of employees and appears to provide equilibrium for one’s livelihood. Industry employs many very good individuals and their tasks might be dirty, dusty, smelly, hazardous, and back breaking as well.Florida’s phosphate industry workers seem to have steady incomes and can afford health, dental, and life insurance coverages for both themselves and their families. Now that healthcare is affordable, business employees pay their premiums and start seeing their doctors for disorders, checkups, and prescription medications. Phosphate mining workers now have medical histories also can monitor their health issues with time, in some cases, years of employment with the business.One may expect healthy business employees due to constant health care over time. However, mathematically, study shows industry workers have greater than average adverse health consequences, apparently from exposure to phosphate mining and the production of fertilizers. The main illnesses with industry workers are respiratory and esophageal wellness related. (1)Health Threats To Phosphate Industry Workers DocumentedResearch results completed in the late 1980’s, mathematically show increased adverse consequences on industry employees including high incidences of respiratory illnesses like lung cancer and cancers linked to the esophagus. Data indicates the longer one works for the phosphate industry; the larger one’s risk to become ill because of esophageal, esophageal, and radiation poisoning problems. This can be known as a”dose-response relationship” (2). Historically; the mortality rate for phosphate industry workers is much higher than Florida’s state average mortality rate for comparable illnesses and ages. The study also considers similar habits such as smoking or gum disease. The disorders discussed here are linked to throat, lymph, and radiation exposure also. (1) The study reflects phosphate industry workers employed for more than twenty five months.Research indicates employees directly exposed to the practice of producing fertilizer from phosphate are the sector workers most likely to exhibit adverse effects concerning respiratory ailments and diseases related to alpha and gamma radiation emissions. Research shows the farther away one’s project is from the production of compost; the less likely one will contract related disorders. The statistics reveal a larger number of ailments linked by the proximity to the production of fertilizer from phosphate.Florida’s phosphate industry offers employment stability for local markets adjacent to mining centers. However, phosphate industry workers may be at risk for serious respiratory and esophageal disorders because of their proximity to the production of fertilizer.Reference1. 2. 7298-7303. December 15. 1988]Florida Mines is the website for learning the unethical practices of Florida’s phosphate strip mining industry.

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