Today, everybody has a blog but most of them remain unread on the cloud of the internet. So the big question I am constantly asked is how can I drive more people to visit my blog? The answer is straightforward for anyone who is willing to spend some time, you could take advantage of it at no cost.

Blogs are just like any other website out there. Sure they are designed to make it easy for bloggers to publish photos, news, and videos without requiring a lot of computer expertise however they’re simply user-friendly mini-websites. Now that you’ve got one you’d like to drive more people to it. So here’s a few of the most basic and cost-free steps to increase your blog’s traffic.

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#1 Blog About Something People Care About

Really – if no one cares about your blog as it’s just an uninteresting rant about what you ate that morning, you’re unlikely to get a lot traffic. But, no matter what your peculiar interests might be, somebody out there cares about their interests. So this one is an easy task – write about something that someone else can relate to.

#2 Submit Your Blog to Directories

This one is also easy however it takes some time. There are a lot of free services that you can upload your blog to. They’re basically telephone books for blogs. Once you upload your blog to their platform, more users will be able to find your blog. You’ll be able to classify your blog and many of them allow you to add personal “tags” which are basically keywords that are used to identify your blog. Just jump on your favorite internet search engine, and key in the phrase “free blog submission” and you’ll see a variety of websites that can assist you.

#3 Have a Blogroll

Blogs often have a list of links somewhere which list the websites or blogs they are associated with or which bloggers enjoy visiting. If you’re looking to grow traffic, you can find some websites which will exchange the link from their blog for one on yours. Don’t get too caught up in this, because you may lose traffic if you misuse this. This is where you begin to explore the web’s deep and intricate workings. For simplicity, we’ll just leave it with this: don’t put more than 100 links on your front page or else you’ll reduce your chances of getting big traffic.

#4 Submit Your Blog to Feedreaders

Many blog sites are able to create feeds “feed”. There are many discussions about RSS, feedreaders, or syndication. The way this works is every blog publishes an inventory of the posts that were added the blog, just as newspaper headlines. There are websites out on the web such as the Blog Directories that you can submit your blog feed or RSS to. If you do this they’ll look up your headlines, and people can then dig through them to find interesting blogs. The great thing about these feed systems is that most keep checking your blog for updates , so once you’ve uploaded it, you can just reap the rewards!

#5 Blog Often and When Appropriate

One of the mistakes people make when blogging is blogging when they don’t have anything useful to share, simply to gain an additional “post” on their blog. If you’re doing this then you are going to struggle to gain people who will be attracted to saving your page to their bookmarks or favorites. However, you should often keep your blog updated. If you don’t update your blog regularly, you’ll be boring your followers. Keep your blog active, but make sure that you’re writing about something of interest.

#6 Make Sure Your Blog Has a Theme

If you’re blog is all over the place , you’ll be unable to put up a community. It’s possible to get clicks from random people but you want to build a community. For that, you’ll want to pick a few categories you’re going to post about and stick to them. If you’re the kind of person who posts random posts sometimes you could simply create a category that is called Random Thoughts or something along this line, but please be aware.

#7 Pingbacks and Trackbacks

If you want people to visit your blog , go to other blogs which are related to yours and get involved. It is common for people to leave comments with links to their own blog or a related one in their comments. They are part of the pingback/trackback system which could be a lot of fun. They also can bring you plenty of traffic. Do not spam your comments because it could cause irritation to your potential customers and have your comments removed and also lose your ability to make comments.

#8 Appearance Matters

Each blog hosting service comes with templates that make your blog stand out or have a style you like. Sometimes, you can even personalize your blog with your own graphics and tinker with the design. While this is a great way to improve your blog, make sure you’re not making it annoying to potential readers. Not many people want to visit a site that hurts their eyes to view or has loud music they don’t enjoy.

There you go, 8 simple tips on how to increase the number of visitors to your blog. One thing you should remember is that increasing your blog traffic is going to be a challenge.

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