When you first started marketing with articles You may have believed that the process of submitting your article involved your title, the body, or perhaps in the box for resources. After inputting your content into one of the online submission forms you noticed that there were actually a lot of additional fields that you need to fill in which you may not have thought about before.

The field for the summary of an article (also known as”the “short description” of the article) is one such field. How can you create an effective summary that draws the attention of readers to your content? What information you provide really matter? This is the subject we’ll discuss in the following article.

If you go through an article directory, you’ll notice that in addition to the pages in which the complete articles are released, they have also short pages, where the title and brief descriptions of articles appear. This is the page readers will see prior to viewing the entire article.

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First the reader sees the summary page of the article directory, and he reads over the titles and brief descriptions. Then, based on the information then he chooses the articles to read.

That gives one an impression of how important the summary of your article can be based on the information you put into the field on the article submission form, you can sway readers to read your post in preference to another’s same or similar topic. The summary of the article can impact the number of people who read the article, and in turn how many people come across your site via your article.

Before looking at your full article, readers have two places where he can gather information about what your article’s subject is. The first one is the title–if the title hooks the attention of the reader, then he will examine your summary of the article.

The summary of the article gives readers a glimpse of what the piece is about. Some individuals make use of the introduction paragraph in their article as their summary. The impact of your essay is determined by the way the introduction paragraph is composed. It may be more useful to pick and choose phrases from your piece that are able to convey the most important points. You can then string those sentences in a cohesive method to give readers an overview of your article.

Another option is to create your short description from scratch. Here are some suggestions for doing that:

* This short description field can be about 500 characters (characters rather than the words!). It provides more space than the title does to explain what the content you write about Take advantage of that.

Note: Make sure to compose your sentences in full sentences. More people will be reading your article summary than your original article, therefore it is essential to be as professional in this subject as you were the writing of your article. If your summary simply says “Article about Golden Retrievers” isn’t as effective as it could be.

* Elaborate on the information that the title offers. You might see short descriptions that simply repetition of your title. This is not particularly helpful. There is more room in the short description field because you’re required to provide a more thorough overview of what your content is about.

Inform the reader about the lessons your content teaches. They are seeking facts when they read your article If you are able to clearly describe the fundamental things it teaches you’ll attract more readers.

Refrain from the temptation to include your name or a link to your website within the description of your article. Some publishers will instantly reject your article if you do that, because it appears advertising. Your name will be included in your Resource box (if you put it there), and many directories will list your name in their byline. The only place you should link to your website is in your resource box.

The outline of your content might not have been something you’ve given any thought to before but it has an identical purpose to an resource box. While the resource box’s role is to lure readers to your website it’s the summary that’s there to lure readers to your article.

Your Homework:

If you are planning to submit an article in the near future concentrate on writing an enticing description meant to draw the reader to want to read the entire article. State what your article teaches and why the reader should want to read your article. You can also follow the guidelines by this guideline.

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