I’ve been doing a Blog for a couple of months in the past and I’d like to have had known then what I know now. The issue when it comes to setting up an Blog and knowing how to get started is that there doesn’t seem to be any step-by-step source in plain direct simple English so I’ve created this page to help you. This isn’t perfect but it’s is based on my experiences about blogging and making blogging money over the past several months. But I’m confident that there is plenty of improvement in this, so you should use it as an outline. A foundation of information is better than none in any way and you’ll need to start from somewhere with your feet planted on the ground. This guide can be used when you want to blog but don’t have any interest in earning money, or if you’d like to blog to make money on the side without any extra work. Sounds like a good deal, OK! The first portion of this tutorial begins with getting a domain name and If you’re already familiar with this, you can skip over and jump right into Section 2. Please note a more complete revision of this article that includes more links is available on the Blog listed under the Resources Section.

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(Optional) Section 1. Registering a Domain for Your Blog

The first thing you need to do is Register the Domain Name of Your Blog. I suggest that you use a COM domain and try to come up with the simplest and shortest name you can think of without numbers or dashes. It is likely that the names of single domains have all been taken, therefore, think of a simple phrase or something that is memorable, and you’ll discover something that is available within some time. I don’t suggest using an org, net, etc., no matter what the name , because people are prone to forget everything other than com. If you use net, you’re likely to get instead a COM and you’ll be giving another site free traffic , losing your own. Once you find an Com that you can use for your blog, I’d suggest going ahead and register it on Godaddy, which is cheap. If you don’t want anyone to discover that you’re the proprietor of the domain which includes eliminating your name, address, number and email address, it’ll cost you an additional $10 per year or more for Private Registration. I’d suggest using this method to ensure your privacy. In essence, the contact information you provide them must match your credit card and financial details. After you have registered, make sure you keep a copy of your Godaddy Password #’s in a safe and secure place. There will be a need for hosting space for your blog site and blogging software. These will be coming up in the next chapters. Do not sign with Godaddy Hosting if you want to work with the company I would recommend for anything, including Hosting.

Section 2. AdSense

Google AdSense is the easiest to earn money that you can earn in your entire life. there’s no cost to the user, even if you want to make AdSense. If you’re not interested in making extra money through AdSense and you don’t want to place it on your website it’s up to you. The little Google ads and occasionally larger images found on web pages are AdSense. The way AdSense works is that you join for free the program and can cancel anytime you like and in return Google put these ads up on your blog or website. All anyone must do is click an advertisement on your blog and you’ll be paid anything from one cent to possibly 10 or more dollars per click. I usually average about 20 cents which ads up the amount if I receive 40 clicks a day or more. How much you earn depends on a variety of aspects for which it is important to study AdSense policies and rules. AdSense will pay you when you’ve reached $100 and then you start again. I’ve earned a few hundred dollars over the course of a couple of months, that’s pretty decent to make it without any effort! The more traffic your blog draws in, the more clicks you’ll have and the more money you earn. Google is extremely strict regarding the clicks being legit and if they see you violating their guidelines or policy, they could dismiss you for good without any chance of reinstatement, seriously! You must read the guidelines and policies several times for AdSense. The most important thing to remember is to not click on your own advertisements and make sure that no one else in your family do it either and make sure that you don’t solicit others to click on ads on your blogs or you’ll be removed from AdSense. The best way to avoid this is simply put ads on your site and say nothing. Be sure to check their guidelines on what they will allow AdSense on. The blog software I used already included AdSense in the program. My blog is listed in the Resources Section.

I will be referring to and giving you an email address for in Section 4. Most other blogs as far as I know require you to manually copy and paste AdSense Codes on the page. The WordPress Blog program I use doesn’t require it.

Section 3. E-Commerce through Your Blog

I’m using a tool known as The Easy Store that’s a component of my blog, or Vice Versa. It’s called the Easy Store basically lets you set up a niche store for any or all Amazon’s offerings and for products purchased , you receive an average of 4-6% in general. This is directly from Amazon. It’s not free. Easy Store isn’t free but it is likely to cost you to have them create the logo for $200. Without a logo it’s probably around $120. The software isn’t complicated and the Software including the Blog software will be installed for free by Zeus Design who will go over the entire process with you and be available for technical help. My Gifts Shop in Resources is an Easy Store.

Section 4. Getting the Blog (WordPress) Software and AdSense, E-Commerce and Hosting If You Wish

As I mentioned before I use Zeus Design to do everything for me, and I am delighted with everything that they’ve accomplished for me. This isn’t intended as an infomercial , but rather my personal, un-compensated recommendation of a company that I am very happy with who does amazing, speedy, reliable work and is very pleasant to deal with. If you’d like to deal with other companies. I’ll only be able to share what works for me and welcome to do business with them. If you are interested in a similar WordPress Blog that is set up as mine with AdSense installed, and an Easy Store as part of the Blog and Hosting I suggest you get in touch with Zeus Design.

The price in my opinion is very reasonable and reasonable. Also, as I said I encourage you to look through various businesses.

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