The scope of the research was vastly greater than any previous study. Publication of the University of Chicago’s 1994 report, The “public” version was provocatively named Sex in America. The scientific version had the less interesting title of The Social Organization of Sexuality. Even though all sex research is controversial, this one tried its best to avoid research flaws in order to present as accurate an image of America as possible. The 3,432 men and women interviewed were randomly chosen from the population of America, between 18 and 59.

It was surprising to discover that not as many people are having sex as they thought. Research shows that “about a quarter” of respondents have sex only with one partner every week. Another third have sex only with one partner once per month. A third have sex only with one partner for a few months. The remainder have sex only with one partner each year, or with no partners at all. These numbers are different if you exclude singles and focus on married couples. The results show that 20 percent of married couples between 18-59 years old have sex ten times a year or less. Another 15% have had sex less than once per month. The “ten-time or less” couple is often called no-sex (or sexless) marriages. The “about twice per month” group is known as low-sex maritals. In this article we will combine them into the term “sexless marital”

Why should Christians care about sexless marital relationships? First, a Biblical mandate should prohibit Christian couples from having sexually promiscuous marriages. However, they are still there. There is ample evidence that marital satisfaction, as well as sexual satisfaction, can rise or fall together. Sexual dissatisfaction in a couple can have a negative impact on the happiness of their whole marriage. Third, medical science has proven that those who experience sexual fulfillment are more likely to be well-informed medically. Christians must care for their bodies. Christians must also be sexually active in their relationships. Fourth, pornography. One possibility is that porn use can be encouraged by a sexless union. However, porn may result in a sexless union. Porn usage can either cause or affect sexual fulfillment in marriage.

Biblical Imperative. While some may claim that sex should not be considered in a Christian marriage it was said by Paul. “The husband should meet his wife’s sexual needs and the wife should take care of her husband’s. The husband is the one who has control over the wife’s bodily functions, and his wife is the one who has control over his. If you are unable to have sexual relations with your spouse, you should agree to refrain from having sexual intimacy for a short time in order to be more open to prayer. After that, you should meet up again in order to prevent Satan from tempting you due to your lack of self control. (1 Corinthians 7 :3-5, New Living Translation)

Although this commandment isn’t often preached in modern pulpits it is an important one. It is wrong to deprive a spouse of their sexual fulfillment. It is a sin. Visit:-

How often should you obey this command? You might find the answer in the below health benefits.

Marital satisfaction
While there could be many studies to support this hypothesis, it was obvious that marital satisfaction and sexual pleasure go hand in hand before any social scientists tested the hypothesis. The social sciences see it as a “chicken-and-egg” question. Do increased marital satisfaction or increased sexual satisfaction correlate with increased marital satisfaction? The University of Sydney (Australia) is where I am currently investigating this question.

In my experience with thousands of marriages, I know that one who is unhappy in a marriage is less likely to be happy with sex. Either spouse who is not happy with their marriage’s sex will not be satisfied with it. Perhaps they are so closely connected that the one spouse cannot exist without their partner. One thing is certain: if either spouse is dissatisfied in their marriage’s sexual relationship – too much, not enough sensual enough or poor skills, body not in good shape, hygiene, hang ups, you name them – they are not likely to be happy with the marriage.

God gave us the commandment to love our spouses sexually. Science has shown that it plays a role in marital satisfaction. If the church believes that divorce can be harmful and that being married is good, the church should teach the Bible’s sexual commandment to help women fulfill their sexual desires.

Health Benefits
The medical implications of having a sexual encounter with fulfillment have been the subject of extensive research. It is impossible to include all of the studies in this book, but you can find more information in The Science of Orgasm, published by The Johns Hopkins University Press.

According to an Israeli study, women who feel fulfilled are less likely than others to suffer from a heart attack. Research from other countries has shown that endometriosis is less common, cramp intensity decreases and similar issues. The likelihood of breast cancer is reduced by sexual interaction with a man.

A British study showed that men who feel fulfilled are less likely to die from a heart attack. Studies have also shown that men who are satisfied more often are less likely to get prostate cancer.

Oxytocin is released in large quantities into the brain and bodies of people who have reached fulfillment. This promotes bonding. If a couple has sexual fulfillment, or each of them is fulfilled, they will bond closer to one another.

Each fulfillment brings about stress reduction, anxiety reduction, and an improvement in the body’s ability to manage pain.

What are the chances of these “fulfillments”, which have a positive effect on your health, occurring in your studies? This is how it works: Every 72 hours, the male body makes a new batch sperm. God made men that way. If fulfillment was achieved on average every 72 hour, it would be around two to three times per semaine. This is about the average amount of medically beneficial results that most of these studies showed. The Bible commands us to have sexual relations with our spouses between two and three times per week. Each of us should find fulfillment. This frequency of sex is good for your health and emotions, but it also increases your satisfaction with your marriage, as mentioned earlier. It is important to take care, particularly in terms of sexual fulfillment, of one’s own body. It all connects.

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