Have you thought about starting your own blog? Many blogs have been established, but the majority of bloggers stop blogging after just a few posts. Of course, they bloggers have no blog goals: they begin blogs, but since there is no incentive (like cash) to motivate them to continue blogging, they quit.

If you’d like to become more organized to be able to keep your blog going Here are 10 tips for managing your blogging time.

1. Create a document named Blog Ideas

There’s nothing more frightening than a blank screen on a computer. Create a new file and name the file Blog Ideas. Note down any thoughts you’ve got about blogging.

Are you unsure about your blog topic? The questions you have can begin with Who, What is, How, When, Where and Why . Just take note of your questions. Keep them in your Blog Ideas folder These are triggers to stimulate your thinking.

Explore other blogs. The reading of other blogs can stimulate your own thoughts. Do you agree with the blogger? Why? Could you elaborate on an idea you made in a different blog?

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Keep a notebook handy and note down any ideas that occur to you while working. If you’re driving, put an audio or video recorder in the seat of the passenger next to you to capture any unexpected ideas.

2. Write 5 to 10 blog posts per day.

Find time to blog during the weekend – perhaps a few hours on Saturday afternoons, maybe. In the time you have, go through your Blog Ideas folder, and then write a set of blog posts. They don’t need to be polished Just write them down quickly. They’ll be ready for you to publish within the next week.

3. Audio blog

If you’re using an electronic recorder, you can record certain blog posts. This is a great option with business-focused bloggers. Interview employees at your workplace. Interview your boss, or couple of your clients.

4. Request contributions from bloggers who aren’t yours.

Bloggers assist bloggers. When you post comments on blogs of others, and become known on the internet You can also request others bloggers “guest blog” for you. Request them to write one post, or write five entries.

There will be a lot of people who are interested as blogging for another blogger is an additional exposure for bloggers, and many will accept you on the deal. Naturally, it’s a requirement that you have to reciprocate and write occasionally for other bloggers.

5. Outsource – Hire a blogger

Bloggers can be hired through outsourcing sites like Elance. This is a great solution to those days when your schedule is jammed with other tasks.

6. Get over perfectionism

If you’re blogging, you’re not writing a novel and you’re not required to be flawless. If you look through every blog, you’ll see mistakes in spelling, typos, mistakes in syntax. Part of the appeal of reading blog posts is the “home made” appeal. Even when you’re writing for an audience that is business-oriented No one is expecting you to be flawless.

7. Consider your target audience. What are their biggest challenges?

Your writing is for an audience. That audience faces challenges which you can assist them to overcome. Write about the issues that your readers face. Whatever the subject it is important to ensure that you will never run out of ideas.

8. Learn about blogging and get up to speed with blogging

The reason for a lot of blog delay is due to a insufficient information. Find out more about blogging. Learn about a course. The more you’re aware of the more comfortable you’ll be blogging.

9. Schedule blogging

Incorporate blogging into your schedule the same way you would schedule everything else you need to accomplish.

10. Write product reviews

Whatever the subject of your blog there are people trying to market products. Check out some of the products. Reviews get visitors. Customers are always searching for reviews of products on search engines, therefore writing reviews is a method to ensure that you have a readership, and also gives the writer something interesting to talk about.


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