There are several standard ways to start a blog, and depending on your needs, there are several different systems that can be considered the best blog startup package.
But what’s best for you and your blog? Well, that may not be what I think is the best for me. We all have a variety of technical and elevating skills. For me, I always start a new blog on For me, this is the best blogging platform above all else, but it requires some technical skills, so if you’re just starting out in the blogging world, this may not be for you.
Use a boxed host blog
Rather, use a standard blog on your host platform. The two biggest and best known are Blogger and In either case, you can sign up for an account, select a blog name, and then select a blog template.
You can customize your blog further later, but that’s enough to make your blog work. So which one is the best?
Think about the future
Many bloggers see blogging as a way to make a little more money. To do this, we recommend that you install the AdSense block, include paid ads, or join a paid placement scheme. And this is where it matters: the best instant kit for blogging.
If you sign up for (as opposed to, which you install on your own hosting) and take the time to read the Terms of Service, you’ll find that WordPress can’t include paid ads. The best quick and easy blog startup package is, in my opinion, Blogger.
Start with Blogger
Go to, sign up for your account, select your blog name and start writing. It’s very easy to use, and once you set it, you can easily change it to your liking, so it’s recommended as an appetizer. There is also a monetization option to include your Google AdSense code very quickly so that you can earn commissions there.

For more detail please visit:-

However, if you really want to write a blog in the long run, domain names that use blog subdomains look ugly and give you the impression you really want to convey. But if it’s a great tool, Blogger has a way around it.
If you look at the settings, you’ll see that you can either log in to get your own blog URL from the system, or use a URL you registered elsewhere. In a few simple steps you have the opportunity to make money from your own blog name, desirable layout and blog. All within minutes.

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