The Madness Chronicles’ 37th episode will explore the madness that is associated with becoming wealthy in the midst of a the pandemic. Madness is defined as mental illness, extreme or extremely foolish behaviour, or any other of chaotic or frenetic activity. Let’s take a look at the pandemic of madness profits.

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Remember that many people have lost their jobs, and businesses all over the world have been shut down and restaurants shut down. Some people are able to create some gold out of the lemons that people across the world enjoys with brutal lockdowns.

Take Elon Musk as an illustration. Elon Musk is an entrepreneur in his early years and billionaire founder of Tesla. The electric vehicle which is priced higher than the other models comes with a battery. ZeroHedge reports Musks’ net worth has quadrupled over the past year, reaching over $100 billion. This is quite a lot, regardless of how you define it. It’s impressive, wouldn’t you say?

It’s a bit off like the rest of 2020. While Tesla declares that it’s profitable however, the front cover of Tesla has a different story for 2020. Tesla has amassed an astonishing $5.6 billion in debt between 2010 through 2020. Did you know there were Tesla profits? There are, however, they appear to be as’regulatory credits’. They earned a staggering $397million in the year prior. The company’s profits came from’regulatory credit’, not from Tesla’s new models.

This is just speculation. Musk uses the same accounting firm Dr. Tony Fauci used to determine Wuhan deaths from the virus. What is the best way to sell regulatory credits? Elon Musk is still the second richest man in the world , just behind Jeff Bezos.

Forbes says that Bezos fortunes grew to $230 billion after the outbreak began, and Bezos was worth more than $90 billion throughout the entire year. Be aware that the word “billion” is a word that begins with the letter B in capital letters. Other billionaires weren’t as fortunate. Bill Gates, co-founder of Microsoft, philanthropist, and self-proclaimed vaccine expert. Their wealth has risen by just 20 percent to $118 billion which puts his total wealth at $118 trillion as of March. Gates was the deer in the spotlight, but Mark Zuckerberg, Facebook co-founder was able to achieve an increase of 85% up to $101.2 billion.

The United States has 644 billionaires. They have a net worth of close to $1 trillion. This indicates that the market is just as uncertain as the virus. The 644 millionaires now have a an estimated net worth of $3.88 trillion. That’s with the letter T. Their wealth increased by an astounding $934 billion in the course of the epidemic. The average of these 644 people has an estimated net worth of $3.88 trillion. This is nearly twice the $2.1 trillion that was the lower half of the population, who’s net worth was in decline.

The truth is that pandemics aren’t funny. This is the third major pandemic that I have encountered in my life according to the CDC. The previous two were not known to me, but this is the third. It is possible to contract the virus if your church comes to you, however not at you shop at Walmart. It’s likely to be the same for the financial fortunes. Some uncountable billionaires earn an enormous fortune. The majority of them are waiting for traffic light. It’s been a bizarre year in 2020.

We need to get rid of this craziness before it’s too to late. I hope you are healthy and happy. For the foreseeable future be happy and have fun. your life. Be aware of the chaos around us. The year is 2020, and things are going out of hand.

Ed Kugler, a former Fortune 50 executive and Marine Scout Sniper during the Vietnam War, is the author of a variety of books. Dead Center – A Marine Sniper’s Two Year Odyssey during the Vietnam War, Obamunism and Firefights of the Mind. Additionally, Through the Darkness Comes the Light. He is the President of the Last Chance Patriots. This group of like-minded people is dedicated to bringing sanity and peace to their nation.

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